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CCMAC Christopher Columbus Park Flying Site

Updated: Tuesday February 9th, 2016


This is the map to Christopher Columbus Park located North of Grand Rd. on Silverbell. You can get to Silverbell by either Camino Del Cerro or Grant Rd. Christopher Columbus Park is the is the Contest Site for the Vingage Stunt Championships (VSC).

At VSC 28 Classic Stunt and Super 70s will be flown over three (3) days using all three asphalt circles. Classic will be contested Thursday March 17th - Saturday March 19th. One flight each day with the pilots moving to a different circle each day. The two highest scores for the three days of competition will be added together for the final score and placings. Entries for Super 70s will be mixed with those who enter Classic and flown in front of the same judges. Contestants can fly either Classic or Super 70s but not both.

Pull Test and line size for Old Time and Classic Stunt will be per the 2015 - 2016 AMA rules for Control Line Precision Aerobatics. Scoring for Classic will be per the 2015 - 2016 AMA rules for Control Liine Precision Aerobatics. This means that pattern points will be included in the scoring. K Factor Scoring for OTS, Ringmaster, and OTS-IGN is used. The PAMPA rules for Classic apply except for Fidelity Points which will not be applied.

No more than two contestants can fly the same plane in the same event. Example: Contestant 'X' and contestant 'Y' can fly the same plane in Classic but no one else. This goes for OTS, OTS Ign, and Ringmaster as well.

OTS Stunt will be contested Tuesday March 15th - Wednesday March 16th on two asphalt circles. OTS Ingition will be contested Tuesday March 15th - Wednesday March 16th on Grass. Ringmaster OTS will be flown March 15th - Wednesday March 16th on Grass also. Pilots meeting for OTS and OTS Ignition is 7:30AM. Official flying starts no later than 8:00AM.

Members of the Central Arizona Control Line Club and the Cholla Choppers together run and manage VSC. March 15th thru 19th, 2016 will be the 28th running of the Vintage Stunt Championships.

The MAP to the left can be printed directly to a Printer. Right click on the MAP, click on Print Picture, select the Printer, and click Print. This will provide a full page printout of the map which will be easier to read. The banquet location has changed for 2016. The VSC banquet will take place at Head Quarters Hotel (Hotel Tucson City Center; See Map) Saturday March 19th. Cash bar at 5PM and Dinner served at 6:30PM.

Click on the blue box (VSC XXVIII Flyer) below to download / print the VSC 28 two page flyer. Because of the amount of information provided it is impossible to fit all of it into one page.

Click on the blue box (Old Time / Classic Rules / Super 70s / Ringmaster Rules) below to print, download, or both the rules for OTS, Classic, super 70s, and Ringmaster Stunt. These are the latest and greatest rules.

ARF's, ARC's, Purchased, or Borrowed models can compete in all events, but, models entered in Classic will receive a zero (0) for appearance points.

Click here to Link to CACLC

Shipping: Contact us if you need assistance shipping models to VSC.

Exhibition: We invite you to fly or exhibit something COOL. Interesting or representative of any earlier era of control line. Exhibitions to be held immediatedly after OTS on Tue & Wed. No pre-entry fee required. Just show up with a current AMA license and show us something COOL.

Entry Deadline: Entry deadline is Friday March 4th, 2016. See the VSC 28 flyer for details.

Please download / print the VSC 28 flyer and read the insturction provided carefully. Again pre-registration is required. I highly recommend that you place the flyer in plain sight (like the fridge) so you do not forget about sending in the registration portion of the flyer.

A place for your E:Mail address is provided for you to fill in if you have one. Jon Callentine will use it to send you confirmation that your entry fees have been received.

All contestants entering VSC 28 are required to sign the entry form where indicated. Please do not forget to do this.

Contestants who will be camping and spending nights in Christopher Columbus Park will need to provide the State and License Number on the RV, Camper, ETC. A place for this information is provided on the entry form. We need this information to give to Parks and Rec. so that the authorities do not ask you to leave at a late evening hour.

VSC Builder of the Model Rule

Please click on the blue link above and read the ruling for Classic / Super 70s entries if you have not done so.

The headquarters Hotel is the HOTEL TUCSON CITY CENTER located at I-10 and St. Mary's, near the flying site; address is 475 N. Granada Ave; Tucson, AZ 85701 Ph#: 520-622-3000. Make reservation by calling 520-622-3000 and let the clerk know you are attending the Vintage Stunt Championships not VSC. Check flyer for the room rate for 2016 (Must reserve by Feb. 13, 2016). After February 13th, 2016 the un-reserved rooms are released to the general public. The Judges meeting will take place at the HOTEL TUCSON CENTER at 3:00PM on Monday March 14th, 2016 and Classic appearance judging takes place Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 Starting at 4:30PM at the HOTEL TUCSON CENTER.

Saturday night (March 19th) the VSC 28 banquet will be held at its new venue the Head Quarters Hotel HOTEL TUCSON CITY CENTER. The schedule is stated in the flyer.
The banquet Menu for VSC 28 is also stated in the flyer. The banquet fee is $30.00 per person for all meal chosen. Banquet times are: Cash Bar at 5:00PM and Dinner served at 6:30PM. Awards presentations start at 8PM. The Banquet sign up is held open until after the start of VSC (the 16th). See the flyer for more details.

Item #1: During the two days of Old Time, Old Time Ignition, and Ringmaster (Tuesday and Wednesday) one unused Grass circles will be reserved for Old Time / Ringmaster Practice until 10:00AM. No Classic practice flights until 10:00AM on this circles for the first two days of competition unless the ignition stunt competition finishes early. If the ignition stunt competition finishes early (before 10:00AM), then the circle is available for practice flights by any and all competitors. The Asphalt circle (Circle #1) will be a practice circle for Classic Only until 10:00AM for the first two days of Old Time competition. During the competition Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the three unused grass circles will be open for practice all three days (no restrictions).

Item #2: The Classic / Super 70s pilots meeting will take place at 7:30AM all three (3) days with official flying starting no later than 8:00AM. The flight order for Classic / Stuper 70s will be posted at appearance judging Wednesday March 16th.

Item #4: If everyone will cooperate and adhere to the procedures described herein, VSC 28 will move along at its usual great pace and a great experience will be had by all.

If you have questions Jim Hoffman, John Callentine, and Leroy Black can be reached at the following EMail Addresses and or Phone Numbers:

John Callentine: Ph: (520) 743-7835 or (520) 631-5420

Leroy Black: Ph: (623) 327-9227 or (623) 326-4110

Jim Hoffman: Ph: (480) 897-0630 or (480) 329-3316

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