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CCMAC Christopher Columbus Park Flying Site

This is the map to Christopher Columbus Park located North of Grand Rd. on Silverbell. You can get to Silverbell by either Camino Del Cerro or Grant Rd. Christopher Columbus Park is the clubs official flying site and per the agreement the club has with Tucson Parks and Recreation the park is reserved for flying from 6AM until Noon seven days a week. This changes when a contest is in progress. Every day that a contest is scheduled, the park is reserved all day.

The Cholla Choppers sponsor three (3) major contest each year. The Southwest Regionals Control Line Championships (each January), the Vintage Stunt Championships (VSC each March), and the Karl Marschinke Memorial (each September). Each of these contests are contested on this site.

Sundays are the primary club Flying days at the Park, however, Wednesdays and Fridays have become flying days for some of our members. Weekend and Holidays the Christopher Columbus Park is reserved for Control Line Flying all day. Weekdays the park is reserved for Control Line Flying from 6AM to Noon. In the summer and because of the summer heat, flying starts at 6AM and continues until it gets to hot and unconfortable to fly which is arouind 9AM. In the fall and spring flying starts at around 7:30AM and usually ends at noon when everone is tired and wants to eat. As long as the park is not reserved for other activities, flying can take place anytime during the day.

The club works closely with Tucson Parks and Recreation to maintain the use of this facility. There is a large sign at the flying site which displays the field safety and flying requirements. The information displayed comes from the AMA rule book general section. From time to time Parks and Recreation makes requests of the club to which all requests by Parks and Recreation are observed.

The MAP to the left can be printed directly to a printer. Right click on the MAP, click on Print Picture, select the Printer, and click Print. This will provide a full page printout of the map which will be easy to read.

Report any problems to the club Secretary as soon as possible.

Updated: Tuesday February 9th, 2016


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