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Welcome to Tucson, Arizona -- Home of The Southwest Regionals
Control Line Championships
Vintage Stunt Championships (VSC)

Updated: Tuesday January 12th, 2016


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-Meeting Place, Date, & Time: The next Business Meeting is Tuesday January 5th, 2016; Starting at 6:30PM at the Martha Cooper Library located at two block North of Speedway on Catalina Ave.(1377 N. Catalina Ave.) The library closes at 8PM. This gives us an hour and a half to conduct our club business. Click on this link to see a map to the Marth Coopere Library. Link to Map.

-Club Meetint Dates. Click here for a list of meeting dates.

- The 66th Southwest Regionals will be held in Tucson January 30th and 31st, 2016 at Christopher Columbus Park located on Silverbell North of Grant. The Contest Flyer is availabe for downloading. Click on the Flyer Blue box below.

- Vintage Stunt Championships VSC 28 will be held in Tucson March 15th thru March 19th, 2016 at Christopher Columbus Park located on Silverbell North of Grant. The VSC 28 Contest Flyer is now availabe for downloading. Click on the "VSC XXVIII Information" Blue Box Below.

- Tucson Area Hotels: There are many in Tucson to choose from. Click here for Tucson Hotel and Restaurant Information.

-Christopher Columbus Park is the Flying Site of the Cholla Choppers: Click here for MAP

- For CCMAC Member Phone List Click on the blue box below (2016 CCMAC Member List)

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